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Omega MelaMix

Product Code : YLM007 - YLM015 - YLM025 - YLM075

Product Weight : 7.5 kg - 15 kg - 25 kg - 75 kg

Packaging : Bucket

Product Specifications

It is used to prevent some problems that occur due to vitamin and mineral deficiency in animals such as not showing sign of mating, mastitis, foot problems, physical problems, immune system weakness, birth problems, weak calf birth, tongue flipping, eating faeces, drinking urine, eating soil, iron It is used to eliminate many problems such as licking, eating bags, decrease in milk yield, oedema. Thanks to the molasses in its content, milk and fattening efficiency increases, strengthens the liver, prevents ketosis and diabetes, increases appetite, increases dry matter consumption, increases milk fat, prevents heat stress, prevents metabolic diseases, eliminates the problem of heat. In addition, thanks to the clinoptilolite in it, it eliminates the toxication of toxins transmitted by feed. Also, thanks to the vegetable oil it contains, it has a great effect on high body weight gain, better utilization of feed, making vitamins useful, inhibiting intestinal pathogenic microorganisms, increasing the efficiency of digestive enzymes, and increasing the secretions in digestive juices.