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Omega Calfe Mix

Product Code : KH003

Product Weight : 3 Kg

Packaging : 3 kg x 4 Piece Shrink

Product Specifications

OMEGA CALFE MIX has a special formulation prepared for the rapid and healthy development of calves, which is the guarantee of the future of the enterprises. Vitamin and mineral substances in its content provide a positive effect on the development of skeletal and muscle tissue, ensuring a healthier growth and development. Thanks to calcium and vitamin D3, rickets is prevented and bones are made stronger. Vitamin E and selenium prevent the formation of white muscle disease. Cobalt prevents nervous system diseases. Thanks to B complex vitamins, healthier and faster development of skeletal and muscle tissue is ensured. In animals that use CALFE MIX continuously, eating and licking incidents of Pica disease (stone, soil, bone, bag, cloth, iron licking etc.) due to mineral substance deficiency are minimized.