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Omega Yem Katkı

We are at your service with our 46 years of experience

Alp Tuz Co. Ltd started its commercial activities by producing 300 m2 of industrial and food industry salts based in Eskişehir in 1975 by the deceased Mr. Bekir Alp. Then, as a result of the investments made by Mr. Bahtiyar Alp in 1996, it expanded its product range in a 5000 m2 closed area on 14000 m2 land in Eskişehir Muttalip Organized Zone and presented the products to local and national markets.


As a result of the population and economic development and growth of our country since 2010, our company felt the need to invest in parallel with this and contribute to the country's economy, and started its activities as Omega Feed Additives Pharma Chemistry Industry and Trace Inc. in 2014 with 3rd generation initiatives.

As a result of the R&D investments and studies structured within two years, by conducting the necessary researches on the developing agriculture and animal husbandry which is rising sector of our country, by feeling the lack of quality products in the domestic and foreign markets of our country, brand registration of all products belonging to OMEGA branded additives and has obtained the manufacturing competence certificates and presented the products produced to the domestic and foreign markets.


Although we are a young organization for 7 years, we have the rightful pride of reaching a certain market share in the country and abroad in this short time, as well as playing a great role in the development of our country by paying attention to the constantly developing technology and environmental conditions with this power we have received from you. Our understanding of better, higher quality products and services has always formed the basis of our quality policy and will continue to do so. At the same time, we determined providing the most appropriate and high quality products to serve you, our valued customers, by complying with professional ethics and rules as our mission and vision

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